Touch of Gold Tiny Handmade Round Dichroic Glass Cabochon Post Jewelry Earrings


Shipping Costs

CountryBy ItselfWith Another
United Kingdom$10.50$7.00
United States$3.50$2.10

These tiny little cabochon post earrings have  brilliant bits of dichroic coppery gold color on a black base!  The contrast is stunning and these little stud earrings will leave a fiery visual impression!  The gold metallic dichroic color in these earrings is fascinating and the reflected light is eye catching.  There is also a crinkle effect of the dichroic layer that casts so much dimension in such tiny bits!

These little round earrings measure just 5 cm in diameter and are mounted on sterling silver bezels and posts.  The clutches are also sterling silver. 

All Umeboshi jewelry is handmade in Dark Hollow Studio in the beautiful mountains of Alderson, West Virginia ( Each piece of jewelry is carefully fired and annealed in a digital kiln for a beauty and longevity!
#IND 174