Sparkling Forest Green Brown Dichroic Fused Glass Clip On Earrings


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Imagine thousands of tiny sparkles lighting up a forest path!  These sparkling handmade dichroic glass cabochon earrings take you there!  With colors shifting from emerald green to a soft earthy brown, the look of these clip-on earrings is just gorgeous!  The brilliant color fades to black at the outer edges.  These earrings add a great look for those who do not have pierced ears or who like an occasional clip-on earring.  There is a lot of glow and sparkle in these round earrings that only dichroic glass can provide.

The round cabochons have been fully fused and annealed in a digital kiln to form a smooth lens that adds intrigue to the shifting colors.  They measure .5 inches ( 1.5 cm) in diameter.  The clip earrings offer a good grip without pinching.  The metal is a silver color.  #IND 111

  • Earrings measure .5 inches (1.5 cm)
  • Silver colored Clip-on earring findings

FAQ   Dichroic glass was first developed by NASA as part of their satellite mirrors. The exceptionally thin coatings are applied to glass in very controlled environments. Di-chroic means two colors and this glass reflects/transmits different colors depending on the angle of light. When it is worn with different colors, it appears to pick up and reflect some of those colors so it really enhances the total look. I call this the "mood" of the glass. From my hands to yours!

Shipping   Your jewelry will ship by USPS and arrive in a purple gift box tied with a ribbon.

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