Rose Garden Rain Drops Handmade Fused Glass Post Earrings - Sterling Silver Post


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United Kingdom$9.00$6.00
United States$3.20$2.00

When these post earrings came out of the kiln, they looked like rain drops in a rose garden!  These round cabochon fused glass post earrings are a mixture of red, green and clear glass.  They have the shine of water droplets and the light pours through them beautifully!  Ruby red roses, fresh green leaves and a bit of summer rain can be found in these tiny bits of glass!

The round cabochons measure barely over a centimeter, about .5 inches in diameter.  They are mounted on wide sterling silver posts that help reflect the light through the glass, creating a soft glow.  The clutches are sterling silver also.

Wear this glass garden for so many occasions and in all seasons.  They would look nice with red, green, black or any neutral color.  They would be cute for an outdoor excursion or sport as they won't dangle or be in the way.  These stud earrings are both practical and pretty!  They would be perfect for Valentine's Day or Christmas.  

All Umeboshi jewelry is handmade in Dark Hollow Studio in Alderson, West Virginia ( Each piece of jewelry is carefully fired and annealed in a digital kiln for a beauty and longevity!    #AF2131