Fused Dichroic Glass Handmade Dark Blue and Violet Pendant with Cubic Zirconia "Night Sojourn" by Umeboshi Jewelry Designs


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This is a beautiful handmade dichroic fused glass tapered pendant with two 3 mm cubic zirconia fired into the glass!  I call this pendant Night Sojourn because stars were used to guide travelers at night.  The cubic zirconia in this pendant are bright like stars in the night.  This would make a beautiful talisman or gift for a traveler!

The pendant was made by layering violet and blue bits of dichroic glass on a black base.  A clear layer was fired on the top to create a deep dramatic color effect and smooth surface.  This pendant is free-form, being wider at the top and tapering to a rounded point at the bottom  The fully fused cabochon was drilled to accept the zirconia and fired again to set the stones.  The zirconia float in a brilliant iridescent sea of color!

The pendant measures 2 inches long by one inch wide at the top of the pendant.  It hangs from a silver plated leaf bail that picks up the silvery sparkle of the zirconia.  A silver chain or black leather cord will work well with this pendant.  Necklaces to go with the pendant are offered in the necklace section of this shop.  This listing is for the pendant only.

What is dichroic glass? Dichroic glass was first developed by NASA for it's satellite mirrors and it is applied in extremely thin layers under very controlled conditions. Di-chroic means two colors and this glass reflects/transmits different colors depending on the angle of light. When it is worn with different colors, it appears to pick up and reflect some of those colors so it really enhances the total look. I call this the "mood" of the glass and it is very difficult to truly capture this quality in a photograph.

I wear my handmade jewelry almost every day. People have often stopped me to look at the dichroic glass and ask or comment about it. Wearing this jewelry has been my best advertisement.

All Umeboshi jewelry is handmade in Dark Hollow Studio in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia and carefully fired and annealed in a digital kiln for a lasting beauty!

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