Bold Color Handmade Dichoic Fused Glass Shield Cabochon Jewelry Pendant with Silver Plated Setting


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The amazing boldness of colors, all floating in this dichroic glass cabochon pendant, include shades of black, gold, red and blue.  There is layer upon beautiful layer of color and texture that will capture the eye and the imagination.  This is a strong statement necklace with a solid shield-shaped glass cabochon set into a heavy silver plated base.  This is a fully fused and capped dichroic glass cabochon pendant and is one-of-a-kind.  It is well weighted and hangs beautifully from the included chain.

The setting is a silver plated bail. Because the plating can be scratched, the pendant should be stored in it's own box and not be jumbled with other pieces of sharp jewelry.  It measures 1 inch wide at the shoulder by 1.75 inches high, including the wide bail. The setting beautifully frames the brilliant colors in the pendant and will require a thick necklace to support the pendant. For this reason, a silver plated mesh necklace will be included and will look great with this pendant.  This is a classy, stunning and unique piece of jewelry.

Wear this pendant against bare skin or with a sweater. It will embellish and grace any neckline.  This jewelry will make an excellent gift for any woman for Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary or "just because"!

  • Dichroic glass shield cabochon
  • Silver plated setting
  • Silver plated mesh necklace

FAQ:  What is dichroic glass? Dichroic glass was first developed by NASA for it's satellite mirrors and it is applied in extremely thin layers under very controlled conditions. Di-chroic means two colors and this glass reflects and transmits different colors depending on the angle of light. When it is worn with different colors, it appears to pick up and reflect some of those colors so it really enhances the total look. I call this the "mood" of the glass.

All Umeboshi jewelry is handmade in Dark Hollow Studio in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia and carefully fired and annealed in a digital kiln for a lasting beauty!  

This jewelry will arrive by first class mail packaged in a pretty cotton filled gift box and tied with a ribbon!

Thank you for supporting handmade!    #P- 175