Argentium Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Dichroic Pendant - Heart of Vulcan - Dichroic Glass Cabochon Handmade Jewelry One-of-a-kind


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Discover excitement in this handmade one-of-a-kind dichroic fused glass pendant, The Heart of Vulcan!  The large dichroic glass cabochon in this unique pendant is securely wrapped up in heavy argentium sterling silver wire.  Argentium sterling silver resists tarnish and is a high quality silver!  

I love to wire wrap pieces like this and show off both the cabochon and the silver work.  This is a large statement piece that will certainly attract attention.

Vulcan's Heart dichroic glass cabochon is multi-layered with chunks of gold, black lines and squiggles and a mysterious blue cloud that floats above a rich red base.  This is a fascinating piece of dichroic glass, framed in silver wire. 

This pendant has a generous bail that will accept a large diameter necklace.  Wear this with heavy fabrics or a bare decolletage!  This listing is for the pendant only.  Necklaces are sold separately in the necklace section of this shop.

#IND 136

  • Pendant measures 1.5 inches (3.75 cm) wide by 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) tall, including the bail.  
  • Argentium sterling silver and dichroic glass

So what is dichroic glass? It's characteristics are just amazing! Dichroic glass was first developed by NASA as part of their satellite mirror systems. The extremely thin dichroic coating must be applied to the sheet glass in very controlled environments. Di-chroic means two colors and this glass reflects/transmits different colors depending on the angle of light. When it is worn with different colors, it appears to pick up and reflect some of those colors so it really enhances the total look. I call this the "mood" of the glass because of it's ability to color-shift.

I make all Umeboshi jewelry at my Dark Hollow Studio in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Each piece is carefully fired and annealed in a digital kiln for a perfect results!