All that Jazz Dotted Handmade Dichroic Fused Glass Dangle Earrings


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United Kingdom$10.50$7.00
United States$3.50$2.10

These dangling dichroic glass earrings are unique and jazzy!  Let these bright and fun earrings rock your fashion statement!  Made from many layers of carefully fused dichroic glass, the brilliant gold, copper/green, black and polka dotted design will draw nothing but attention!  The rectangular earrings have a shimmering gold base with a flow of copper/green metallic around the edges.  Embedded in the base, are black contrasting triangles with teal dots.  The teal dots are surrounded by a thin rim of purple so that the colors really pop!  All of this exciting color and pattern is capped with a smooth layer of clear for a beautiful feel and shine!

These drop earrings dangle beautifully in the light and the dichroic colors really do their thing!  There is a lot of flash and pizazz in these earrings! 

The cabochons in the earrings measure about an inch long by just over a half inch wide.  They are supported by gold plated bails and hung by good quality gold filled ear wires that have tiny round beads at the bend.

These are one-of-a-kind, OOAK pieces of jewelry that  will be an exciting addition to your jewelry collection.   #AF2139