A Visit from the Moon Goddess


Tonight the moon is waning.  The silver crescent  casts a soft pearly beam of light into my studio through the old double doors and traces a path to my worktable.  I am working late into the night to recover my creative pace after a weekend of friends and food. 

I like leaving the lights off for a moment as I enter the studio, to enjoy the moonbeam and the bit of sparkle from my almost filled kiln shelf on the work table.  Even the moon loves dichroic glass.  There is a special soft glow from the light caressing the  glass jewelry on the shelf. The glass pieces have been waiting alone in the studio, alone in the moonlight, until I enter.

My hand reaches for the familiar switch by the door and the ugly harshness of the studio lights illuminate every corner, every surface, every hiding place of dust, exposing a thousand tiny sparkling shards of glass that had been hiding in the darkness. The work table and tools beckon to me.  They have been waiting for three days to be useful again.

 I have chased the moon away and dispelled the moment.   All beauty fled for the reality of work.  But the unfired pieces on the kiln shelf have not forgotten their rendezvous with the moon goddess and I have not forgotten the moment.  Perhaps some bit of the moon will remain in the glass and come out of the kiln, glowing, with lingering suggestions of a waning crescent.  

Will the woman who wears this jewelry notice?  Will she notice that she carries the moon?


A captivating story

Love your moonlight story. Your pieces are very beautiful and unique and this particular piece really does capture the beauty of the moonlight. Sharing your blog.



Your blog piece really struck a resonant chord in me. I loved your description of the moon and entering your studio. I felt like I was there watching. Beautiful...just like your jewelry!


Poetic and Touching

Lovely creations - and very poetic and touching blog post. :)


Beautiful story . . . beautiful pendant! Brilliant, Jo! Will share.

Moonlight and .....

Andy Williams played in the background while you enjoyed the moonlight in you studio, I suppose? I know your creative juices were flowing by the time you finished work, because you wrote a very poetic story about it.


Ha, ha, that cracked me up! Andy Williams??

Moon Goddess Visit

How eloquent your lovely story is about your gorgeous pendant and studio! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Love the story as much as

Love the story as much as jewelry. My favorite part, "Will the woman who wears this jewelry notice? Will she notice that she carries the moon?"

Moon Goddess

This pendant is gorgeous! I love the way it shimmers and it's so nice to have coordinating pieces available in your shop!


Such eloquent writing - I felt I was there walking into your studio with you! Gorgeous pendant too.

Touched by Moonlight

What a wonderful story, and I followed you in the studio and saw what you saw. It must truly be a magical studio to offer such creativity along with the stunning moonlit pieces that came from the night. Loved it.

very pretty piece and very

very pretty piece and very nicely done!

Great story behind your

Great story behind your creations. Love it.

Beautiful story!

Captivated by your moon goddess!

Clearly you missed your

Clearly you missed your studio, but the time away was for the best reasons...friends and food! And clearly your creative juices didn't suffer. Loved this mini-story, Jo :)

Beautifully written! I love

Beautifully written! I love the moon glow pieces of glass that you create.

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