Jewels of my Dreams

 Dichroic jewel               The picture before me swirled and out of a thinning blackness, (I could see it if my mind squinted), was a shimmer.  It kept disappearing and then would reemerge in a new part of my darkened visual field like a errant ray of heaven.  There it was again, the shimmer.  First here and then over there, to the right.  A bit of substance, vibrating photons that reminded me that I had not died in the night. The brightness became more intense and regular in it's peek-a-boo mind game.  I sought it to the right, left and then upwards.  Facets of light began to focus and then turn away, gold, green, copper and white.  I reached out as far as dreams allow consciousness to go and realized that I held it in my hand, light as a feather, real and not real. 

The birds began to sing their ritual songs from somewhere far away.  The darkness was receding and I could see the light from the window behind my closed eyelids.  I wanted to look again at the jewel in my hand, for inspiration,  but it had returned to the world of hidden be-longings and fled from memory as the cat placed its paw on my cheek.


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