Countdown to Mother's Day


With Mother’s Day on the horizon in just over a month, it can be a challenge to choose a gift that is special enough to give to a woman who created and nurtured our lives.  The very idea of “Mother” is an archetype that embodies the very root of our being.  “She” is the one who ripens the seed of our life and brings us into existence.  There are many iconic mothers, Mother Earth, the Goddess, Mother Mary, and even June Cleaver!   “Mother” implies some kind of magic, where kisses heal wounds and hugs heal heart breaks, the food is always good and the bed safe to sleep in.  Yes, I’m aware that there are some mothers who have fallen from the grace of this magic, who have abandoned or neglected their role as a giver of love and comfort, but I’m not speaking about those who were unable to fulfill the casting call for mothers. Not everyone can.   I’m speaking of most mothers, the imperfectly, perfect women who, through love and humanity and a bit of nature, were the pillars of our universe. 

I am fortunate enough to have such a mother, a mother who carried me on her back, who spent hours at the sewing machine making my little dresses and who never failed to attend a school event, a mother who listened to all my woes and supported all my dreams.  And so she continues to Mother me even now, at her age of 90, as I look at my own daughter experiencing motherhood herself.  The circle is completed over and over with generations of mothers teaching love to their children so they can teach it to their children….

Mother’s Day was originally proposed in this country by a woman, Anna Jarvis, who wanted to honor her mother.  While this idea eventually became a legally recognized day in May, Anna Jarvis did not intend for this to become the commercial enterprise we now recognize as a day of obligatory gift giving.  She wanted to honor the special qualities in each mother and to give some recognition to that very important relationship between a mother and her child. 

So this Mother’s Day, please take some time before sending that typical card, ordering flowers or wrapping that gift, to consider how enriched your existence is because of HER.  Pick up the phone or put on your shoes and make a personal contact.  That is what mother’s really want most.  If you also choose a gift or a card, make it special this year.   Below is a link to Blue Morning Expressions’ Countdown to Mother’s Day.  Julie and Blu are putting together a fabulous collection of handmade items that will push gift giving out of the humdrum obligatory gift shopping experience. They are doing 12 weeks of collecting so please look at all the weeks to make your selection.   Most of these items are made by the hands of mothers and women who serve as “other” mothers.  (There are even a few fathers.)  Many of these mothers are working at home to help support their families and some are just older mothers like myself, who are getting ready for the ‘grands”.  There is something very personal in a handmade item, especially if it is one-of-a-kind.  You have a one-of-a-kind mother.  Call, visit and hand her something special, just for her.  Here is the link for all 12 weeks of gift ideas!

Have a love-filled Mother’s Day!


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