Conscious Clutter

Conscious Clutter

Have you noticed that there is an "underground" of amazing talent?  If you turn your attention away from the big box stores and take a walk into the "handmade district", you will find incredible things.

I have often touted the value of handmade crafts, home grown food and local shopping.  You can have wonderful things for your life, home and body that are made one-at-a-time by talented artisans.  This blog is about adding quality to your everyday existence, not quantity.  

How many things do we really need?  Are our homes clogged and cluttered with impulse buys, things we saw and purchased without thinking about need and usefulness or quality?  Was a purchase made because it was cheap?  You DO get what you pay for most of the time.  Sometimes cheap is just fine but sometimes, it might be better to take a little time to select something that will be a quality item that gives pleasure for years, something that does not get thrown away.

Did you know that plastics comprise more than 13% of the solid waste going into landfills?  Food waste is climbing toward 25% of our total waste!  Many of us buy things we don't use or buy over packaged goods.  We purchase products that we get tired of and throw away.  We don't like or aren't creative with left overs.   I too, am guilty of some of this.

My focus on shopping is turning more and more to local markets, and the "handmade district".  Food comes from my garden and my neighbor's gardens. (Really, I don't sneak into my neighbor's gardens. They do share.)   Food waste goes into the compost pile.  Most plastics are recycled.  I scour the handmade selling venues and local craft galleries for things I need as well as gifts and ......some things I just want.

Slowly, my home is becoming less cluttered as I clear out and donate what is not precious and showcase the handcrafted things that will please my eyes and heart well into the future.  Conscious clutter.

Below, I have included a link-up for artisans to post three items that may add a bit of quality to someone's life.  You might discover some great handmade gift ideas or "conscious clutter" for yourself!   If you are an artisan, you are invited to add your items.  G-rated, original work only please!  Vintage is also OK, because it recycles.  The link-up will open at 8:00 5/2/15 and close in 5 days.

Please enjoy the offerings below!



Great Post

That is a wonderful post, and it is something I should be doing as well. I like the idea of getting rid of things that have no worth and replacing them with handmade and vintage. I could live like that. Thank you for the linkup! Julie and Blu

Your countdown link up is

Your countdown link up is what has inspired me to try this!

Handmade is Better

Yes, me too, trying to clear out some clutter and make room for more quality items that are from art and crafts shows or something I can make myself. Thank you for this post and for the linky.

O Joyous Day!

I was overjoyed to see your lamp in the window. Then I really enjoyed reading the blog. I could see you digging up potatoes in your garden and then rushing in to create such a wonderful stained glass lamp shade ;) And finally, you taught me that inLinkz would work here on Indiemade. I had been wishing to try it, but I have not found the time. Now I see that I MUST do it. It is so much fun to share with other "makers."

Just got in from weeding and

Just got in from weeding and pulling carrots! LOL! Next stop....a church window! You got it pretty close Anna! Can't wait to see your next blog!

Great blog

We have been trying to rid ourselves of things we haven't used in a while. Thank you for the link!

Great post, Jo! Love your

Great post, Jo! Love your beautiful stained-glass lamp too! Thanks for the linky. :)

Unconscious Clutter

This post hits home, Jo. I seem to have filled my life with "Unconscious Clutter" and have been slowly weeding it out over the past ten years. Thank you for the link opportunity and, I have to say, one of these days I am going to consciously buy one of your lamp shades. I LOVE THEM!

A post that hits home! Have

A post that hits home! Have been decluttering for a while now, saving just the important items, usually handmade pieces or something with great sentimental value. It is such a feeling of accomplishment and glee when I take another Dog Mobile load to Goodwill. Beautiful lamp, Jo, something that would definitely be treasured. And thanks for the linky! Will share your post all around.

Wonderful posts and you are

Wonderful posts and you are so so right! Thank you so much for allowing us to post all these wonderful items!

It's time!!!

Yes, I must get into that garage and start to declutter!! All of my 35 year old son's tonka trucks and GI Joe's need to go into his garage now! That's a start for me.
Thank you was a great post and really made me think. Your lamp is so gorgeous.

Decluttering Frees The Soul!

Thank you Jo for this wonderful blog post. I've been clearing out a lot lately - with a new kitchen remodel in process, the preparation beforehand was a massive clearing - it was very therapeutic. I am now doing the same in the classroom that has been my home for 8 years, as I prepare to move to another room that is actually a LOT smaller - forcing me to really clear out what I don't need. I love the idea of only having items in the home that are pleasing to the eye and not just buying something because it was a good deal! Thanks for allowing so many great artists share their work and to inspire others to consider decluttering :)


Yes, I agree that many of us need to declutter! I know I do. With my older children moving out on their own, I plan to take the opportunity to get rid of excess stuff. Handmade items usually stand the test of time or are a quality product that can be safely used, like my handmade luxury soaps. Thank you for the opportunity to link up! I see some wonderful items listed above.

You hit the (recycled) nail

You hit the (recycled) nail on the head, Jo! This post is near and dear to my heart, as I only want my home 'cluttered' with unique and artisan made-with-love. Thanks for the reminder that handmade is special and special is best, and for the opportunity to share. The proof is in the linkys :)

You're so right! I've been

You're so right! I've been trying to declutter my stuff and do not shop unless they are necessities. I try to grow vegetables from my garden although there is not much space but it's something. Thank you for the linky. Will Share.

So very true

Conscious Clutter, I like that. We all need to be more conscious of what we eat, give, and have in our homes. I struggle to do the clearing out being a little bit of a saver or "maybe I can do something with this" type. However, I agree wholeheartedly that purchasing quality is the way to go. Artisan good provide that quality.

Thank you

I forgot to say Thank You for the opportunity to share my handcrafted jewelry with your audience. I appreciate it! And, if I ever become as clever as you, I'll return the karma when I blog again.


What a great idea for a blog with so many ideas! Thanks for the opportunity for sharing!

Conscious Clutter

You are so right! Fortunately it seems like more and more people that I talk to feel this way as well. Good news for handmade!

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