Avocado on White Handmade Fused Glass Post Earrings - Sterling Silver


Shipping Costs

CountryBy ItselfWith Another
United Kingdom$9.00$6.00
United States$3.20$2.00

Avocado on white almost sounds like a sandwich!  These cute little handmade post earrings have a layered square of avocado green on a pearly white base.  The glass layers have been tack fused to keep the integrity of the square glass shapes that twist at 90 degrees of each other. The top layer of green can be described as avocado, moss green, forest green, olive green, hunter green, emerald green etc.  The bottom layer is a pearl, snow, ghost or pure white.  The combination of these two colors is fresh and earthy.  

These post earrings will look nice with many outfits that have natural colors and will go well with white.  Wear them for almost any occasion such as sports, work and fun.  Because they are stud earrings, they will not get in the way of physical activities.  These earrings are well suited to folks of almost any age or gender.

The square earrings measure .5 inches (1cm ) and are mounted on sterling silver posts.  The clutches are hypoallergenic, broad based clasps that are easy to handle and support the earrings well.  Sterling silver clutches are available on request for a small additional cost.     #AF2133