Abstract Handmade Dichroic Fused Glass Free Form Pendant-Multicolored


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This one-of-a-kind abstract free form pendant is handcrafted from tiny multicolored bits of dichroic glass.  The glass was layered and then tack fused in the kiln to create this interesting bit of wearable art!  There is a clear piece of glass fused to the top to create a smooth feel and an interestng lens effect.  It's like wearing your private art museum on your neck!  The shiny metallic colors include black, silver, pink, blue, teal and purple all in various complimentary shapes,beautifully composed to create a harmonious piece of eye candy!  This pendant will look great with so many colors and for many occasions.  The unique pendant is unisex and can be enjoyed by any sex and all ages!

The shape is freeform and measures 1.75 inches tall, including the silver plated tube bail (4.5 cm ).  This pretty pendant will look great with a simple black leather cord against a bare neckline.  Cords can be purchased separately from the necklace section of this shop.  This listing is for the pendant only.


  • 1.75 inches ( 4.5 cm ) long
  • dichroic glass
  • silver plated tube bail


Dichroic glass is a fabulous material that is applied with lasers to create a surface that reflects more than one color, depending on the angle of light. It is a real favorite of jewelry makers because of it's color-shifting qualities and brilliance of color. This pendant is from my Umeboshi Jewelry line.   #IND075